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Самая смешная часть сценария "Интерстеллара" образца 2008 года - это то, что вечный беспилотник в тексте сценария назван русским, а в репликах Купера - китайским. (В фильме речь идёт об индийском беспилотнике.) Видимо, этот эпизод несколько раз переписывался, каждый раз с новой национальной принадлежности залётного робота-разведчика. В итоге, текст выглядит так:

"To the right, the dark shape of the Russian drone appears, flying low over the fields. Cooper jerks the wheel--

The truck BURSTS out of the corn and SPLASHES across the river and into an old, abandoned suburban housing development in the valley below, planted over with corn.
Half a mile in front of them, the Russian drone is still hugging the ground. It has impossibly long, skinny wings, like an old U-2 surveillance plane, but no cockpit. The tops of its wings are covered in black solar cells.

Murph is fiddling with the computer. His older brother takes the computer from him and fires up emulation software.

It's a Chinese military drone. Solar cells could power an entire farm.
(to Tom)
Take the wheel.

Cooper hands Murph the Pringles can antenna.

Keep it pointed right at it, OK?

Murph nods. Tom takes the wheel as his dad works the laptop, trying to communicate with the huge Russian drone. The screen fills with Cyrillic characters.

Faster, Tom. I'm losing it.


The truck limps along the overgrown fairway of a long-defunct golf course towards the massive hulk of the Russian drone, Cooper and the boys climb down. The valley is silent save for the truck's engine WHEEZING and SPUTTERING as it cools.
Cooper runs a hand over the smooth carbon flank of the drone.

How long do you think it's been up there, Dad?

Chinese mission control went down same as us, twenty years ago. It's been up there ever since."

Автор сценария: В небе появляется русский беспилотник.
Купер: "Это китайский беспилотник!"
Автор: Они пытаются установить связь с беспилотником. На экране компьютера появляется текст на русском языке.
Купер: "Я же говорил, что это китайцы!"

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