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Что я могу сказать насчёт вчерашней загадки?

Логика в очередной раз победила :).

"Ну текст скорее всего американский, "дело народа", "революция", "на стороне простых людей" и "сильны силой Господа" только у них сочетаться может...
И сказал эту речь какой нибудь американский лидер, из тех, которые "Kill Japs, Kill Japs, Kill more Japs!"

telserg совершенно точно назвал и страну, и эпоху.

Это вице-президент США Генри Уоллес, речь 1942 года по поводу войны в Европе - "The Century of the Common Man":

"The people's revolution is on the march, and the devil and all his angels can not prevail against it. They can not prevail, for on the side of the people is the Lord...
Strong in the strength of the Lord, we who fight in the people's cause will never stop until that cause is won.

Страны народной революции - это западные демократии с примкнувшим к ним СССР. Соответственно, Сатана и котрреволюция/революция тьмы - это Гитлер.

"Through the leaders of the Nazi revolution, Satan now is trying to lead the common man of the whole world back into slavery and darkness. For the stark truth is that the violence preached by the Nazis is the devil's own religion of darkness...

The march of freedom of the past one hundred and fifty years has been a long-drawn-out people's revolution. In this Great Revolution of the people, there were the American Revolution of 1775, The French Revolution of 1792, The Latin-American revolutions of the Bolivarian era, The German Revolution of 1848, and the Russian Revolution of 1917. Each spoke for the common man in terms of blood on the battlefield. Some went to excess. But the significant thing is that the people groped their way to the light. More of them learned to think and work together...

The people are on the march toward even fuller freedom than the most fortunate peoples of the earth have hitherto enjoyed. No Nazi counter-revolution will stop it.
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