Григорий (gest) wrote,

Ностальгия, ложная память, безумие и минотавры

"Madness and the Minotaur is a text adventure game. It is a brutal, unfair, senseless labyrinth which is amateurishly written and probabaly unwinnable. The parser is primitive and arbitrary. Object placement is semi-random (some objects are guaranteed to be on certain floors of the labyrinth). Some objects are protected by key-rules: for example, you can’t pick up the shield unless you’re holding some other object. In one game, that might be the dagger, in another, the sword. There’s never any explanation for these rules; they simply are. If you are holding the dagger, you can reach the shield. If you’re not, the shield is out of your reach. There’s a wandering Oracle whom you’ll meet occasionally, who will tell you the arbitrary rules. But sometimes he lies. (...)

“Cruel” doesn’t even begin to describe this game. (...)

The game was written by “Spectral Associates,” a company that usually put author credits on their games, but didn’t on this one. Who actually wrote it? What was he thinking?"

madius, ты?!

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