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На будущее, в тему армии-как-системы

Важное, хорошее, на будущее, подцепил у австралийцев (австралийский постиндустриальный проект, все дела), пока ещё на языке международного общения:

Army-as-a-system Core Skills

The AAAS core skills have been well defined in previous publications. The AAAS core skills attempt to "capture the essence of military operations" by defining broad skills that remain relevant regardless of how a force may be structured, now or in the future. In addition, it was intended to be sufficiently generic to adequately describe a force at any particular level of interest. The AAAS construct is built on the concept that combinations of seven distinct core skills adequately describe a force structure through its capacity to perform functions and/or deliver effects.

Engagement (ENG)

The advantageous use of military systems to acquire, select, target and employ firepower against enemy assets in order to render opposition system(s) ineffective.

Information Collection (IC)

The identification and exploitation of information sources, in order to possess relevant, accessible and useable information on the battlespace.

Communication (COM)

The establishment and utilisation of communications infrastructure in order to support effective, efficient and secure information transfer.

Decision Making (DM)

The formulation of operational plans and responses based on the assimilation of current and past information in order to deliver timely, judicious and unambiguous commands to subordinates.

Sustainment (SUS)

The maintenance of personnel and equipment at appropriate operating levels in order to preserve operational momentum.

Movement (MOV)

The relocation of assets about the battlespace in order to support the mobility of the force.

Protection (PRO)

The minimisation of risk in the battlespace in order to maintain force capability.

Как в ролевой игре, а? Потом будет перевод на русский язык, нам с этим ещё работать.
Кстати, как лучше всего перевести "sustainment"? С остальным-то всё просто.
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