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Люблю аннотации к западным остросюжетным книгам, очень вдохновляющее чтение. Иногда попадаются шедевры, иногда - "шедевры".

"Raven", Mike Murray, отзывы читателей:
"It's difficult to imagine feeling sorry for Adolf Hitler, but when you get immersed in the story and believe that hack British stage actor Archie Smythes is ~portraying~ Hitler, you honestly feel sympathy for the man".

"This remarkable alternative history grapples with one of history's real questions: why did Hitler make so many disastrous decisions leading to Germany's downfall in World War II? A tantalizing what-if scenario is the result.
Impoverished actor Archie Smythes, whose one talent is an uncanny impersonation of Hitler, joins a secret mission in 1940. A British commando unit attacks Hitler's train, and kills everyone aboard. Smythes' job is to make a single, Hitler-impersonating radio decision cancelling the upcoming invasion of England. But when their escape runs awry, Smythes ends up walking back into Hitler's life, and running the Third Reich, while trying to avoid detection".

"It is an established fact in most academic circles that Hitler could have won the war in 1940. But the man who commanded the Wehrmacht after the German invasion of France appeared to be someone entirely different from the pre-France Hitler.
Murray proposes that he WAS different, that the British managed to kill the real Hitler in 1939 and install an imposter in his place. What ensues is a superb, tightly-woven tale that takes on more complexity than you could possibly imagine".

"Raven is a "what-if" book that doesn't travel down the treacherous path of alternate history. The what if is quite simple. In 1940, a British Commando unit parachutes into Germany, intercepts Adolf Hitler's train and kills him. The entire scheme is to insert a Hitler look alike to issue a single order: Cancel Operation Sealion - the invasion of England.
Things get complicated when Archie the actor is rescued by the SS and stays for the duration of the war play acting as Hitler and directing the Nazi war machine in disasterous ways".

"This book grabbed me from the very beginning and every spare moment was spent reading it until I finished. Murray's plotting is fantastic, the work of a real pro, and yet it fits extraordinarily well into the known facts about how Hitler actually conducted his end of World War II (and I'm a WWII history buff). Once you accept Murray's fictional stance that Hitler was assassinated in a daring British commando attack on his personal train and then replaced by a middle-aged second-tier British actor with an amazing facility for imitating him, you're in for a wonderful ride. I was constantly kept wondering how in the world this very frightened amateur spy was going to keep up the pretense of being the leader of Germany without getting caught and at the same time keep throwing spanners into the works of Nazi war strategy. It's a great read for straight spy/adventure enthusiasts as well as very subtle alternative history. I recommend it highly".

Т.е., по сюжету романа, в 1940 году английская разведка подменяет Гитлера английским шпионом-двойником, чтобы сорвать операцию "Морской Лев" и спасти Англию, а вместе с ней - демократию и цивилизацию. Ещё раз - с сорокового года Германией управлял английский агент, который, значит, боролся за мир во всём мире, осознанно ведя Германию к поражению. Весёлая и немного грустная приключенческая книга о честных ребятах, спасших нас от фашизма.

И вот мне интересно... я ничего не могу с собой поделать, мне хочется спросить - а автор думал, когда всё это писал? А его читатели? Или для них это просто был очередной сюжет из серии "наши во вражеском тылу и в немецкой форме", просто доведённый до своего логического предела? Хайль Штирлиц!

Или, может, я чего-то не понимаю, и это антибританская агитка-сатира в духе Галковского?

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